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the bag

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How I edited the bag


the bag's design is characterized by its ability to conform to the body. It is more like a piece of clothing than a bag. 

After exploring many proportions and sizes, I decided on a 27cm square. The wide shoulder strap folds into a triangular-shaped origami.

The high-quality fabric is handcrafted in Japan. A 5 cm vermillion lacquered tag replaces the label as a brand symbol. 

I wanted to create a cross between the West and Japan by creating a Japanese product from a European prototype.


 about the note


This memo is a part of the bag's history. It describes sewing fabrics found in Paris by Sarah Moon's friend Inger, the designer of the original prototype for the bag. Coincidently, the note was written on Japanese stationery.  


about the tag


Inspired by the idea of making a tag coated in vermillion lacquer, I found a bright silk fabric used for mounting scrolls that could be used as a base material for the lacquering process. the bag does not have a brand label. Instead, the vermilion lacquer tag reflects the brand's concept.

the bag:   inger, sarah, mr.k, mimi




Inger is the creator of the original prototype for the bag. The wide shoulder strap fits the body perfectly, making the bag look like clothing. The fabric used for this bag is "Fujiyama-ori," a fine cloth carefully woven by craftsmen and dyed with spring water from Mt. Fuji. The technique of Kai silk has a history of 2,000 years. This material has been used for bridal gowns worldwide, including the Paris Collections and costumes for stage and film productions. 

- ¥22,000 (tax not included) 




The idea to produce the bag was developed at Sarah's house in Paris. The fabric is linen-based and printed with handmade Japanese paper. I encountered the cloth at a specialty store and was immediately drawn to its unique round pattern similar to dried persimmons. The overlapping print evokes the various encounters that have consolidated my friendship with Sarah.

-Limited edition - 27,000 yen (tax not included)




mr.k is the name Sarah used to address my father because she had difficulty pronouncing our family name. The customized silk textile belonged to my father. Initially, he had the material dyed black, intending to cover his calligraphic works; unexpectedly, it is now being used to fabricate the bag instead. Its unique colour and delicately striped weave give the fabric an elegant texture. Because of the finite amount of dyed cloth, production is limited to 10 pieces.

-Limited edition - 25,000 yen (tax not included)




When I decided to start making the bag in Kyoto, I asked my friend mimi to collaborate with me. Her architectural background coincides with my interests, and our aesthetic sensibilities are very similar. Together, we worked with great care on conceptual ideas, design, and fabric choices.

The distinctive material used for this bag is devoré velvet on handcrafted Japanese paper from Echizen. Although the fabric is expensive and not meant for everyday use, I wanted to add it to the selection as an exclusive item.

-Limited edition - 27,000 yen (tax not included)

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